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External Ground Kit

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Price: $75.00
Item Number: ING-14
Manufacturer: BR Motorsports
Are You Grounded?

Most MSD 8106 SPARK BOX problems can mostly be attributed to the failure of just two items in the more than 200 found inside the Spark Control Box, one of these sensitive current changing parts are called MOSFETT’S and the other is the COIL. After months of testing and hundreds of Circuit Board Repairs using our newly acquired and proprietary electronic equipment and testing procedures we have discovered and traced many of these failures back to a circuit board grounding problem. As part of our 2014 Box upgrade procedure we have developed a way to take the load off many of these critical electronic parts, by installing a External Ground Kit. This procedure places an additional Wire and Weather Tight Connector from inside the box and lets you ground it to the Engine in the same way as our Generator External Ground Kit does. This has added to the reliability and output consistency in every box they have been installed in. In addition when this new ground kit is matched up with our newly redesigned secondary coil, we have seen the Output Voltage go from 32,000 KV to over 40,000 KV as well as the reliability has been greatly increased!!

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