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Pressure Brake Bleeder

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Price: $55.00
Item Number: BRM-0100
Manufacturer: BR Motorsports
BLEEDING YOUR BRAKES has got to be one of the worst jobs you have to do when building a car. Well leave it to BR Motorsports to make the job easier. This New Power Bleeder Tank is so easy to use all you need to do is fill your Master Cylinder Reservoir with clean New Brake Fluid, screw the Brake Bleeder Cap on, and pressurize the Bottle to check for leaks. If there are any leaks fix them and if not, release the pressure from the Bottle. Unscrew the Bottle Cap add 2 Quarts of Brake Fluid, pressurize the system and bleed the Calipers. This will purge all the air in a jiffy. Injection molded so it will last forever. We used this and will never bleed our Brakes any other way ever again!! Comes Complete With Detailed Instructions!
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