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Outlaw Cross Shaft Throttle Linkage

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Price: $250.00
Item Number: KRP-2000
Manufacturer: King Racing Products
If you have ever looked really close at your Standard Style Over Under Cross Bar Throttle Linkage on your Injector, you have no doubt noticed that the two banks of Butterflies don’t open at the same rate. It’s because the geometry just can’t make it happen no matter how you adjust the Arms and Cross Bar. Also when the Motor heats up and expands you always have one side of the Motor getting more air than the other thus that annoying flaming coming out of one Header and not the other. And believe it or not unless you can drive full throttle all night long, your losing power and drive-ability using this old Throttle Linkage System. Now you can install the King Outlaw Cross Shaft Throttle Linkage and solve all these problems. You won’t believe how easy it is to set side to side for a perfectly even idle. All your Cylinders will warm up the same and drive-ability and response is awesome! That’s why many of the Outlaws use the Cross Shaft Linkage. This kit comes ready to install with Billet Aluminum Pillow Blocks, Stainless Spherical Bearings, all CNC machined from 6061-T6 Tooling Plate, plus 3 special non-slip Throttle Arms and Stops CNC’d from the same material with a Black Anodized Finish. Also included are Aluminum 10/32 Heims and 3/8” Hex Turn Buckles. Put this all together with a 3/8” Stainless Shaft and you have the nicest most accurate Throttle Linkage on the market used by all the Top Engine Builders. This Kit Fits Hilborn And Kinsler Injectors In Any Size.
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