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High Temp Brake Fluid

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Price: $40.00
Item Number: RED-900-1032
Manufacturer: Red Devil Brakes
The only brake fluid that’s specifically designed to work with Titanium Rotors. This Brake Fluid is not like others on the Market Today. What people don’t understand is that the other brands claim their Brake Fluid is the best and that it can with stand Higher Temperatures before boiling. That’s False. When the Brake Fluid is opened to the atmosphere it is automatically contaminated with moisture which brings down the boiling point 50%. This Red Devil Brake Fluid will withstand the Highest Temperatures, with Low Viscosity and Moisture Affinity thus making it the Best Brake Fluid available today. Remember if your Brake Fluid turns brown flush it with new Brake Fluid to keep your Brakes from fading. Comes In A Large 32 Oz. Bottle!
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