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BR Motorsports Tech Tip On Choosing Your Tire Gauge!

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Item Number: BRM-techtip2
Manufacturer: BR Motorsports
PSI RANGE – The Most Important Decision is to get a Gauge that works within the Pressure Range of the Tire that you will be using the
Gauge on. For example, if you run 30 PSI in your Tires then you should get a 60 PSI Gauge. If you run 15 PSI in your tires then you should get a
30 PSI Gauge. All Tire Gauges Work Best In The Middle Of Its Range!!

ANALOG – Analog Gauges are a Great Unit of Measurement for the Money. Normally, The Bigger The Face Size The Better The Gauge is!!

LIQUID FILLED – Here is the scoop on Liquid Filled Tire Gauges. Liquid is used to Soften the Blow of Air Pressure when it enters the Gauge.
If you have 30 Lbs. of Pressure then you 30 Lbs. of Pressurer blasting the Gears inside the Gauge. That Abrupt Movement inside the Gauge is
what wears them out!! However, ALL Longacre Tire Gauges have a Dampening System built into the Gauge that Softens the Blow of Air Pressure.
Therefore Helping To Protect The Internal Parts!!!
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