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4-2-1 Midget Headers

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Price: From $210.00 to $385.00
Manufacturer: Schoenfeld

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DOUG AND THE boys at Shoenfeld have been busy making this new 4-2-1 High Toque Midget Header. Built just like the V-8 4-2-1 Header it will increase and extended the torque curve on any Midget Engine. It’s simple, the “Tri-Y” style takes 4 Primary Tubes and collects them down to two, the two down to one. This greatly increases the scavenging which increases the intake efficiency. “BETTER FLOW MORE POWER”, plus we carry Shoenfeld Headers for Beast and other Midgets in many horsepower making styles, including the Chevy Spread Port and all W-9 Mopar, in all Step Primary Styles. 
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